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  • Savage is the original 80's italodiscopop star, worldwide famous singer and platiniumrecord producer of Europop and Eurodisco artists such as Corona, Alexia, Double You and Ice Mc. Composer and writer of various multimillion worldwide hits. His real name is Roberto Zanetti, a man with the passion"
    for music since ever, started just as a hobby until he began studying the piano seriously at the age of fourteen. Shortly afterwards he got together with small music groups, such as "L’inchiesta", "Fathima e ipronipoti" and "I sangrià", playing keyboards. His first professional experience came about with the group"Santarosa" with whom he recorded a single, "Souvenir" that went on to sell two hundred thousand copies in Italy. The record was produced by Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari who was a great friend of Roberto’s at the time. After this project Roberto continued playing keyboards with other groups: "I vicini di casa" and "Taxi". It was with Taxi that collaboration with Zucchero was strengthened and the two friends played together for a couple of years. It was with Taxi that Roberto produced his first dance project "To Miami”. In December 1983 Roberto recorded and produced a dance single entitled "Don’t cry tonight", chose the stage name “Savage” and started his career as solo artist. The song was a huge hit in Italy for first and all Europe later and was invited to take part in many TV shows such as "Mister fantasy", "Discoring", "Pronto Raffaella", "Azzurro", “Festivalbar", "Tocata". Thanks to the catchy melody and timbre of his voice, Savage quickly became one of the most appreciated pop dance singers in Europe, one of the creators of the “Italodisco” movement. This led to real episodes of fervourin Italy and Spain. During his shows, girls threw themselves at him and he started to receive thousand of fan letters. At the Festivalbar finals (Italy’s most popular summer music festival), he was the most applauded artist. Since 1983-85 Savage has been continuously on tour, performing about 300 shows throughout Europe, in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Sweden and, of course, Italy. In the meantimeother singles, "Only you", "Radio" and "A love again", were released and included in his first album "Tonight". Savage’s popularity crossed European borders and while new singles were released ("Time", "Celebrate" and "Love is death"), he also performed shows in such countries as the United States, Brazil, and Japan. In China a special version of the album "Tonight" was released, sung by a local rock star, while a famous French actress recorded a version of "Only you", called "Dans mes yeux”. In August ‘89 Savage took part as a guest artist at the Sopot Festival in Poland. Savage sang for more than thirty minutes on the final night which was broadcast live to all Eastern European countries and was watched by a hundred million viewers! In Eastern Europe Savage became one of the most popular contemporary artists so naturally he undertook a number of tours there. Amongst his most important shows were those of Katowice (in Poland), with an audience of thirty thousand people and Ierewan (USSR) where seventy thousand people rushed to see him over six sold out shows. During the same time other singles were released, "I’m loosing you", "Goodbye", "I just died in your arms", and "Strangelove”. After 1990 Roberto has dedicated most of his time to his career as a producer, under the name "Robyx", and he has been responsible of many International hits by Ice MC, Double you, Alexia, Corona and Zucchero. Consequently, during this period, he has rarely been on stage apart an American tour (New York, Chicago, Miami, Boston), and a Brazilian tour in 1994. In the same year a new single entitled "Don’t you want me", came out, meeting with fair success all over the world. Recently, since 2005, Roberto has started doing live gigs and concerts again, USA, Russia, Spain, Poland, East Countries. Due to this new live activity Savage had the chance to meet old and new fans all of them asking to listen to new material and songs and wanted him back in the music world. My Space first, Facebook and Instagram later also created buzz between the Italodisco and 80's communities so Roberto decided to come back with a new song. In october 2009 a new single “twothousandnine” was released together with a videoclip filmed in LA, Usa. Between 2005 and 2019 Savage took part at four Autoradio Festivals in Moscow, a TV show filmed live at the Olympic Stadium in front of more than twenty thousand fans. At the beginning of 2019 he started the recordings of a new album, the first studio album after the successful “Tonight” album of 1984. The new album will be released at the beginning of 2020 and it will include 14 new songs.
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